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Reliabilt garage doors

Welcome to On this website we will look at some of the current Reliabilt garage doors on offer, what features you get with them, and what you can expect to pay for these various models. Choosing a new garage door can be quite tricky, so we will be going through some of the options so you can decide what might be best for your home.

Which garage door will be best for you?

When it comes to choosing a garage door, the first choice is normally to decide on the material you want to use. In most cases you will have to decide between wood, steel or fiberglass. Wood often tends to look best, but is somewhat of a hassle when it comes to maintenance. When  you first buy a wooden garage door you need to stain it, and this will need to be done every few years to keep it looking in top shape. Fiberglass is a popular choice for garage doors if you live near the coast due to the good salt water resistance it offers. Fiberglass tends to fade quite rapidly however so it isn’t a good option unless you live by the coast. Next up is steel. In recent years steel garage doors have risen greatly in popularity. This is mainly thanks to two points – they are fairly economical, and the garage doors require next to no maintenance. Reliabilt garage doors only come in steel, so if you are wanting to get a Reliabilt door then this is your only choice of material.
This doesn’t mean you are limited in choice however, as Reliabilt garage doors come in almost 100 different models to choose from. These can range in price from a very modest $225 to almost $3300 so there is a model available to suit every budget!

When looking at steel garage doors you must first decide how strong a door you need. The economical range of doors are made from a cheaper gauge of steel, thus they are weaker and don’t offer great wind resistance. These can dent quite easily, but this isn’t really a major concern unless you live somewhere very windy, or if you have kids rushing around! These are known as single layer doors and are an affordable option for anyone. If you want something with a little more durability then look out for a double layer door. As the name implies these doors have two layers which means they are stronger than the single layer doors. These are suitable for most homes, and provide sufficient wind and dent protection. For maximum protection you can look into getting a triple layer door. These provide the best protection against the elements, but they do cost a little more.

Next up you must decide if you want any sort of insulation protection on your Reliabilt garage doors. If you live in a cold climate then this should be considered especially if anyone spends a considerable amount of time in the garage, so this could save a small fortune on heating bills over the months. Otherwise if your garage is connected to the house it could prevent cold air from entering the house this way.
Heat insulation is not the only type of insulation you will find offered on these particular garage doors. Some of them also have a vinyl backing which provides noise insulation from the exterior. This can be quite handy if you you live on a noisy street, or if your workshop is in the garage then it will keep the noise you make in there to a minimum, which would certainly keep your neighbors happy!

Something else you will need to think about is if you want any window panes in your garage door. Some of the Reliabilt garage doors come with window panes built in, and others you can customize to add them at a later stage. There are advantages and disadvantages to having windows in the garage door, so this is something you must give careful consideration. In terms of looks, windows will add good curb appeal to your property and give it a stylish look. They also give you the benefit of allowing in natural light which could cut energy costs a little. The downside of having window panes is that people can see into your garage. If you live in a relatively safe neighborhood then this shouldn’t be much of an issue, but we feel that you should be made aware of this issue so you can decide if it might be a problem for you.

How much do Reliabilt garage doors cost?

Most garage door are a standard 8′ x 7′ so we will stick to this size when providing a few examples. For a no frills single layer garage door you will find the cheapest one is $225 right now. This is a basic door with no insulation. If you want a double layer door in this size then you can expect to pay about $400 or so. This is quite a durable door, and comes with insulation which saves you money. If you want a triple layer door then you can expect to pay in the range of $600, but at this price you will find that the door also comes with energy & noise insulation, and window panes. So it all depends what suits your needs and budget.


Hopefully this article will have given you some good insight on some of the features and accessories you should look into getting. We have discussed the main features you should look out for, but there are also many different styles to choose from. It will be up to you however to try to find one that matches the current look and feel of your home. Remember that many of the doors are pre-primed and are ready to be painted, while some are already painted, so you must find out about this before you purchase a garage door. Reliabilt garage doors are a great choice, and offer really good value for money. Don’t let that fool you though, as these garage doors come with a limited 15 year warranty for piece of mind. Choose wisely, and you can even look on the internet to compare prices in case you might fine a good bargain.